Ms. Rajbhandari is a graduate of John F. Kennedy, School of Law where she received her Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2017. Prior to Law School, Ms. Rajbhandari completed her undergraduate degree from California State University, East Bay located in Hayward, California and holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance. While in Law School, Ms. Rajbhandari completed her internship in Family Law at the Hayward Hall of Justice in Hayward, CA.

Being an immigrant herself, she realizes the challenges people have to go through the Immigration process to visit or reside in the United States, and is willing to help to achieve a positive outcome.

Prior to the founding of The Law Office of Deepti Rajbhandari, Ms. Rajbhandari worked primarily in individual and family-based immigration, including cases at the national visa center, deportation and removal defense, asylum, petition for family & spouses, fiancé visas, Vawa, U-visas, obtaining citizenship, waivers, bankruptcy, and few family law matters.

Ms. Rajbhandari is passionate about helping people and believes that everyone has a right to legal representation depending on each individual or business needs. In addition to English, Ms. Rajbhandari is fluent in Nepali and Hindi. You can reach her by calling at (925) 236-0902 or sending an email at